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The Dresden Nephrology unit is amongst the leading renal clinical research centers in Europe. We actively initiate or participate in a large number of international multi-center, prospective and randomized, controlled clinical studies. In the following, some of the currently enrolling studies are listed:

Name of Study Description Duration
Slow and Low Adjustment of the initial immunosuppressive regimen (Advagraf) following deceased or living kidney transplantation. recruiting since September 2014

Dresden Transplant Care Project Trial on the adhearance following kidney transplantation comparing standard medication with controlled applications. recruiting since October 2015
Protect Multicenter trial on the safety and efficacy of low CNI (Advagraf) compared to standard of care follwogin kidney transplantation. recruiting since Dezember 2015
Quark Randomized, controlled tiral on safety and efficacy of QPI-1002 for the prevention of delayed graft function following kidney transplantation Recruiting since August 2016


Study nurse team:         

Frau Annegret Fleischer    
Frau Heike Fiebig        
Frau Kerstin Haaser    
Tel. +49-351-458 4054



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