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Science in the 21st century is virtually impossible without collaboration. Here are some – certainly not all – of our wonderful collaborators!


Doug Green Lab - Memphis

Dr. Green collaborates with the Linkermann lab for five years. The interest concerns mechanisms of necroptosis and the consequences to the immune system.

Marja Jäättelä Lab - Copenhagen

Dr. Jäättelä and the Linkermann lab are interested in the role of autophagy and ist regulation by acid sphingomyelinase and cationic amphiphilic drugs in acute kidney injury.

Peter Vandenabeele Lab - Ghent

Peter Vandenabeele helps us to understand the complex interconnection between various signalling pathways of regulated necrosis. Together with Peter, we try to identify the relative contribution of ferroptosis and necroptosis in human diseases.

Hans Joachim Anders - Munich

Achim and the Linkermann lab have joined forces to understand how necrotic cells trigger immune responses, a collaboration that resulted in the concept of necroinflammation.

Anthony Jevnikar Lab – London, Ontario

Tony and the Linkermann lab are investigating the role of regulated necrosis in kidney transplantation and during antibody-mediated rejection.

Brent Stockwell Lab – New York City

Seven years ago, Brent has propted us to investigate ferroptosis which he first described. An intensive collaboration followed which is currently investigating the diseases in which ferroptosis is of human relevance.



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