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Recommended research articles:

Belavgeni A*, Bornstein SR,* von Mässenhausen A, Tonnus W, Stumpf J, Meyer C, Othmar E, Latk M, Kanczkowski W, Kroiss M, Hantel C, Hugo C, Fassnacht M, Ziegler CG, Schally AV, Krone NP, Linkermann A (2019): Exquisite sensitivity of adrenocortical carcinomas to induction of ferroptosis. PNAS 29;116(44):22269-22274. *shared first authors


Gong Y.-N., Guy C., Olauson H., Becker J.U., Yang M., Fitzgerald P., Linkermann A.* and Green D.R.* (2017): ESCRT-III acts downstream of MLKL to regulate necroptotic cell death and its consequences. Cell *shared senior authors

Martinez J., Cunha L., Park S., Yang M., Lu Q., Orchard R., Li Q.-Z., Yan M., Janke M., Guy C., Linkermann A., Virgin H. and Green D.R. (2016) LC3-associated phagocytosis links clearance of dying cells to auto-inflammation and lupus-like disease in mice Nature 5;533(7601):115-9.

Linkermann A, Skouta R, Himmerkus N, Mulay SR, Dewitz C, De Zen F, Prokai A, Zuchtriegel G, Krombach F, Welz PS, Weinlich R, Vanden Berghe T, Vandenabeele P, Pasparakis M, Bleich M, Weinberg JM, Reichel CA, Bräsen JH, Kunzendorf U, Anders HJ, Stockwell BR, Green DR, Krautwald S. (2014) Synchronized renal tubular cell death involves ferroptosis. PNAS 25;111(47):16836-41

Linkermann, A., Bräsen J.H., Darding, M., Jin, M.K., Sanz, A.B., Heller, J.-O., De Zen, F., Weinlich, R., Ortiz, A., Walc, H., Weinberg, J.M., Green, D.R., Kunzendorf, U., Krautwald, S. (2013). Two Independent Pathways of Regulated Necrosis Mediate Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury, PNAS 16;110(29):12024-9.

Recommended reviews:

Belavgeni A, Meyer C, Stumpf J, Hugo C and Linkermann A (2020): Ferroptosis and Necroptosis in the Kidney. Cell Chem Biol 16;27(4):448-462.

Sarhan, M., Land, W., Tonnus, W., Hugo C. and Linkermann A. (2018) Origin and Consequences of Necroinflammation. Physiological Reviews 1;98(2):727-780

Linkermann, A., Stockwell, B.R., Krautwald, S. and Anders, A. (2014). Regulated Cell Death and Inflammation – An Auto-amplification Loop causes Organ Failure. Nature Reviews Immunology 14(11):759-67

Linkermann, A. and Green, D.R. (2014) Mechanisms of Disease: Necroptosis. NEJM (350, (5): 455-465)


...a complete list of our publications can be found here.

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